I-5 Senior Bandit in Coburg/Eugene, Oregon

Reports from the field in Coburg, Oregon reveal that the I-5 Senior Bandit was working the I-5 corridor around the Eugene, Oregon area. He was travelling in an executive coach vehicle staying in an RV park while scamming unsuspecting seniors out of their life’s savings.

In this instance, he had short, dark hair, stands approximately 5’7” and weighs-in at about 225 pounds.

Reports of claims to be both a Medical Doctor, and Precious Metals Investment Broker, specializing in silver.

Reports include borrowing money with the promise to repay. One specific example included a woman who loaned the good doctor $5,000.00 that he promised to repay, “after his bank account got straightened out.”

The pathological liar spins fraudulent stories including; that he was working on construction of a new golf course located at an RV park in the Pacific Northwest (name withheld). He claimed to be both the owner of the RV park and the contractor.

The psychopath claims to be able to heal failing vision and hearing with, “bio-feedback,” which appears to be an audio/light show that is reportedly, “smoke and mirrors.” He requires a retainer/deposit in order to initiate treatment of his victims.

He has threatened the life of at least one individual.

Reportedly, he threatens your family and friends in an effort to keep you silent about his dealings, comings and goings.

He spins false accusations about individuals who learn of his deceptive practices in an effort to discredit them, ensuring the unsuspecting future victims that only he can be trusted.

Besides his luxury coach, he is also driving a dilapidated red Ferrari that he uses to bolster his perceived image.

Help us track down and identify the I-5 Senior Bandit by telling us your story. Your identity will be protected…

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