I-5 Senior Bandit Fraudulent Professions

I-5 Senior Bandit Fraudulent Professions

As the I-5 Senior Bandit works the West Coast of the United States, fleecing seniors of their hard-earned savings, he poses as a variety of professionals as he steals from his victims.

Reports include the I-5 senior Bandit posing as the following professions:


Although the I-5 Senior Bandit has no formal training in law, he has spent a lifetime in and out of the legal system, has studied law extensively while incarcerated, and has even operated his own Attorney firms posing as an attorney, sometimes specializing in areas of law specific to the elderly.  Unfortunately for his victims he is well-versed in the law, so ripping off – not only the elderly – anyone, even the most educated is conducted in such a manner by this con, that there may not be any legal recourse. That said, he has been known to make mistakes occasionally, accounting for his spending time behind bars for less than one percent of the crimes that he commits.

Victims of his fraudulently representing himself as an attorney have sought to contact the Bar Association to take disciplinary action. The Bar Association reports that they only have influence over actual “licensed” lawyers – not fraudulent ones – so their hands are tied as they are unable to offer any relief to victims.

When masquerading as an Attorney it is not uncommon for the I-5 Senior Bandit to have a posh retail location including listing in local yellow pages to bolster his fraudulent business practice. On the surface his law firm seems to legitimate, sometimes includes hiring legitimate attorneys (who are also victimized) to also support his office lending an illusion of credence to this scam.

Medical Doctor

The I-5 Senior Bandit has been known to not only claim that he was a medical doctor, but has on occasion arranged to sub-let space in authentic medical establishments to operate his medical swindles from a location that supports his perceived authenticity.

Neural Specialist

While engaged in the area specifically related to brain research, development, therapy and treatment the I-5 Senior Bandit may represent himself as an expert in bio-science or biofeedback. He offers elderly victims hope in treating ailments that routinely affect those in advancing age demographics; including, but not limited to, claims of treating failing sight, hearing loss, dementia, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, Cancer, AIDS and a variety of mobility issues.

When operating in this capacity it is common for him to use electronic smoke and mirrors or external media to conduct his sleight-of-hand magic that yields little more than emptying the pocketbooks of his victims who pay in advance for his special type of hocus pocus.

Insurance Professional

Never licensed as an insurance professional the I-5 Senior Bandit may represent himself as such and acting as a consultant may offer services to individuals and/or businesses. Victims find themselves paying for policies or services that are never delivered.

The insurance commission does guarantee that the unsuspecting victims of insurance fraud are protected against such, and guarantees policies that are purchased by fraudulent insurance companies – but only protect victims of companies that are registered as insurance companies within their respective states. No protection is offered to individuals who are victims of unlicensed scams conducted by a con artist.

Other insurance-specific deceptive tactics may include ripping-off individuals with fake injuries and/or fictitious accidents sometimes targeting insurance companies. On occasion, he has represented individuals who have been coerced into filing fraudulent claims for a piece of the action (even these co-conspirators often do not end up with any share and are exposed to prosecution while the I-5 Senior Bandit laughs all the way to the bank).

Investment Broker

The I-5 Bandit may represent himself as an investment broker specializing in any of a variety of investment specializations. Armed with a photographic memory and psychopathic personality gives him the ability to quickly become an expert in any given field, easily wielding the terminology and reportedly, “using big words,” to thrill even the most educated target.

Again, this swindle may be accompanied by impressive retail location(s) and yellow page advertising representing him as an authentic and valid source, offering solutions in exchange for cash.

Some of his latest investment schemes have been focused on heavy proliferation of precious metals (including gold, silver and others) investments. When participating as a precious metals investment professional, he appears to have an authentic display-kit (that you would only expect legitimate brokers to have) that impresses those who have fallen victim to this hoax.

General Contractor

Sometimes operating as a phony general contractor the I-5 Senior Bandit has deceived trusting souls who have believed in his elaborately fabricated construction scams. One recent report includes claims of having been the lead contractor on easily-recognizable locations including high-profile retail locations, senior retirement developments, airports and golf courses.

Professional Pilot

Without any actual training or licensure the I-5 Senior Bandit has represented himself as a professional airline or other type of pilot – and has even piloted both aircraft and luxury marine vehicles and yachts – while spinning his deceitful web of lies.

These are just examples of some of the professional counterfeit disguises that the I-5 Senior Bandit uses while stealing money from the unsuspecting public.

The I-5 Senior Bandit is very smart – and finds it a challenge to outsmart even the most cautious and educated – as he effectively drains the finances from anyone within reach. He has been known to romance and even wed victims whom he has drained of all their resources (one previous wife may be an on-going co-conspirator). Ever changing his name and appearance, his is difficult to identify while conducting his scams.

Everyone who has been victimized by him reports that they were mesmerized by his congeniality, felt as though he loved or cared about them, and found joy and/or happiness in his presence. It should be noted, that even though he may be particularly adept to manipulation and persuasions; it was also reported that each victim noticed an (albeit brief) break in character. This momentary loss of control actually seemed to reveal his true character, but was always explained away as a circumstantial lapse due to an extreme personal struggle.

Anyone could easily become a potential mark of the I-5 Senior Bandit, very few people are lucky enough to find this web site online BEFORE they lose everything.

One advantage to seniors who do fall victim to the chameleon master manipulator, is that all of the western states including Washington, Oregon and California and the federal government (FBI), have laws that protect the elderly from those who target individuals over the age 55. For those (his target market) there is hope – even if you have signed documentations carefully crafted by the thief – the State will represent you in apprehending and prosecuting the I-5 Senior Bandit making the world a little safer for other senior citizens on the West Coast.

If you feel you have fallen victim to the I-5 Senior Bandit (or anyone who has extorted finances, resources, or otherwise scammed you) call your local police department and report the crime; follow up with calls and reports to your State Attorney General and local office of the FBI.

You may also contact this web site by emailing admin@i5seniorbandit.com to report any additional information, i.e. variations of illegal activity or schemes, identities or additional locations that we will make available to the authorities while protecting your identity.


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