Tracking the I-5 Senior Bandit in Oregon

Tracking the I-5 Senior Bandit in Oregon

In our effort to alert potential victims, it may be of value to make information available about where victims’ reports come from. These are places where the I-5 Senior Bandit has left his mark, and is likely to return.

We protect the identities of reporters who have agreed to allow us to reveal the locations where elder fraud and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults has taken place.

In the State of Oregon reports are coming in from the following locales:

Coach Tour Bus

Coach Tour Bus




Coos Bay



Oregon City



The I-5 Senior Bandit has been seen residing in this coach tour bus (pictured above), which might be why he rarely has a personal physical address as he is always on the run.

Keep those reports coming in to our data center and remember we always protect your identity and will not refer your information to agencies and organizations who are currently investigating without your permission.

Email us at or leave a comment below…

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